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One of Germany’s top whisky bars

Xaver Bar is located in the centre of Peiting and impresses its guests with its comfortable atmosphere and choice selection of whiskies. We stock over 630 types of whisky as well as 180 types of gin, rum, brandy and other specialities, including the original Peitinger beer and 40 other delicious types of beer. The German Whisky Guide named the Xaver one of Germany’s top 50 whisky bars in 2018. To keep hunger at bay, our bistro offers various tarte flambées, gratinated tortilla chips, chilli, cubes of cheese or grilled cheese.

Bar Peiting
Xaver Craftbier

Shake it!



550 whiskies, over 200 cocktails and many other specialities

Enjoy over 550 whiskies in our whisky lounge or under our whisky sky. We also serve over 200 cocktails of every kind, naturally also on our Peitnach terrace in the summer. We also stock over 130 types of gin, 80 types of rum, high quality vodkas as well as many other brandies and spirits. At the bar you can also order our delicious local Peitinger beer and 20 other delicious types of beer.

Xaver Bar Lounge




Comfortable and cosy



The bar is the perfect place for a stylish cocktail, a quick beer or a small nightcap after a meal. Relax on our comfortable leather bar stools. We also have two spacious bistro tables and our magnificent Peiting painting is displayed proudly on the wall.


Retire to our lounge for a cocktail or a sociable round of drinks. Its modern atmosphere makes a great contrast and invites you to linger and relax for a while.


Our attractive terrace offers a wonderful view of the Peitnach. Listen to the sound of the water as you enjoy food and drinks under the blue Bavarian firmament. Pure relaxation!

Whiskytasting im Xaver Peiting
Tasting im Xaver



Whisky & co.

“A whisky flight”


With its large selection of high quality whiskies, the Xaver Bar delights even dyed-in-the-wool fans. We sell whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, the USA as well as distilleries from Germany and other European countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Czech Republic and France. With fine whiskies from Japan, India, Taiwan, South Africa, Tasmania and New Zealand, you can go on a real whisky flight around the world. We’ve also had our own cask projects since 2018 – here, well-known whiskies are bottled in small casks between 2 and 5 litres in size and are thus refined further. We use former liqueur, wine or rum casks to mature Glenfarclas 105, Peat’s Beast, MacDuff from C&S Dram and other delights with around 60% cask strength. We also have some of our own creations in stock and the next Xaverians will be ready soon.

Can’t decide? Then come and visit us during one of our sampling sessions. See our events calendar for dates.

Our "Mix it, Baby” happy hours run Wednesdays to Saturdays between 18:00 and 20:00 and on Sundays between 16:00 and 22:00. Guests can mix their own cocktails on these evenings.